One of the fondest memories l have of my childhood was how raw and simple it was. It was marked with lots of unstructured outdoor play, long walks to the local library and simply exploring the world around us. Now, as a young mother of 2, l desire to pass on these memories to my children.

However, majority of children don’t even go to the library and even if they want to, there aren’t these community libraries anymore. I tried to check online resources for children’s books and activities to share with my children but realised it is very limited in Ghana so l decided to start my own.

The aim of Getpaged is to share resources on children appropriate books and activities among others with mothers of young children so they can in turn share with their children. So join me on the getpaged train and let’s make their childhood memorable.

Getpaged focuses on three main areas;


As it became necessary for schools to be closed due to the pandemic and young children still staying at home even after lockdown, l was motivated to share activities and some homeschooling ideas to help parents manage the change, this brought about the birth of Getpaged Play Space. Getpaged Play Space is born out of my desire to create a workable play space for my Littles, where they can immense themselves in endless play while learning and stretching their imagination.


I believe every child should be given the opportunity to dream, to explore and to have full expression of their talents! The best tool to help children with these is PLAY.


Play is the best medium of expression for your Littles and the best form of play is unstructured, open ended and one that employs the imagination and creativity of the child.


Einstein said ‘play is the highest form of research’ and this cannot be over emphasized. Through play, and more specifically, open ended, unstructured play, their curiosity is ignited and they employ all their senses and imagination. These go a long way to unearth their talents as they figure out how things work around them.


Maria Montessori also said, ‘ never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed’. It is thus necessary to provide all resources your Littles need at their level for them to independently go about their tasks as much as possible.


Founded on the above principles, Getpaged Play Space brings to you carefully curated play spaces made to suit every home and space and considers the general and specific needs of your Littles.


We choose beautifully designed furniture, accessories, educational and open ended toys as well as books that are just right for your Littles and also add to the aesthetics of your home. Every space is designed to encourage independence and inspire curiosity for the Littles in the home and beyond.


Every setup is curated with the needs of your Littles in mind and it is designed to invite them to play and explore.


Here you will also find loads of options when it comes to sensory play and learn ideas.


Learning to cook in this fast paced world where there are more fast food and frozen food options is not only essential to help one make healthier decisions but also easier on the pocket. And just like any other skill, cooking is best learnt whiles one is young.


I have personally had lots of great times cooking with my Little one and been able to teach lots of basic concepts like counting, colours, etc by simply cooking with her.


With this background, Getpaged presents GetCooking with the little Chefs. A cooking club for kids 5 years to 12 years to inspire kids to acquire this essential skill and to have fun while at it.


The aim is to get children at an early age ro be interested in what they eat, and learn how to make healthy food choices.



There is no better gift to give your Littles than the gift of reading. Reading opens up the mind to a wealth of knowledge and knowledge is what will help your Littles navigate the world and stand out.


Here you find countless book reviews on age appropriate books for your Littles. Every book is carefully selected to challenge the thinking of your Littles and insight them to be better versions of themselves.


This is Getpaged, welcome to our world!

Getrude Ohemeng


Hello! l am Getrude Ohemeng, a wife, a mother of two and a proud child of God. I love working with children and believe in play base learning.


My Childhood Experience

I remember my childhood was filled with lots of play and interactions with other children and their families. We did not have as much toys or gadgets to play with as most children do today. However, we always had something exciting to do. Whether it was chasing the dogs around the house or throwing around plastic balls we had made ourselves, we always had something to be happy about. Our exposure to minimum toys and gadget opened up our creativity. We made toy cars, paper boats, kits and many others ourselves without anyone teaching us how and sometimes just played with the mud in the rain.

One of the fondest memories l have of my childhood was my reading experience. There were not enough books to read and we could not afford many books so we would trek long distance after school just to make it in time before the library closed. It was a wonderful experience walking to the library, making conversation with friends, kicking stones along the way, racing to see who run the fastest, sharing our candies on the way and sometimes even being chased by dogs. We did not travel much but we had a very wonderful imagination of what the world was through the eyes of the books we read