Learning through Play

Play is the best medium of expression for your Littles and the best form of play is unstructured, open ended and one that employs the imagination and creativity of the child. For younger children, the traditional for way of teaching that we are used to doesn't

Sorting Like Items

This is another great activity to do on days that you run out of things to do. All you need is get items from the house that are similar, mix them up and ask you Littles to sort the like items. You can make them count them

Rainbow Spaghetti

We finally tried this Rainbow Spaghetti and it was a great sensory experience for Both Big Sissy and Little Sissy. It is totally taste safe and my girls at first thought l had served lunch. There is so much you can do with this; it can be

Making Coloured Rice

Who else is ready for Christmas? One of our favourite things to do is making coloured rice. They are just so satisfying to watch! This Christmas themed sensory play is just perfect to start warming up for Christmas. The year has been hard on all of us

Leaf Stamping

You are sure to get a leaf in your house or just around your house. This was such a fun activity. We went round to look for just the right leaf to pick. Fortunately we got one with seven tips(cassava leaf) and of course we had

Invitation to play and learn – Ocean 

What's your favourite ocean creature? I love the dolphin, just because it is so graceful and makes very lovely acrobatic displays. Today our invitation to play and learn set up is about the ocean. What's not to love about the ocean? The variety of beautiful creatures, different