Invitation to play and learn – Ocean 

Invitation to play and learn – Ocean 

What’s your favourite ocean creature?
I love the dolphin, just because it is so graceful and makes very lovely acrobatic displays.

Today our invitation to play and learn set up is about the ocean. What’s not to love about the ocean? The variety of beautiful creatures, different colours and the amazing and enormous amount of water!

Your Littles will love learning about some of these lovely creatures(dolphin, shark, whale, fish, seal.. the list is endless). There are just so many fascinating things to learn about our world.

We made this setup with Coloured salt, some shells and ocean creature figures.

How to make the Coloured salt:
Pour some salt into a container that can be tightly covered

Add some drops of food colour(we used turquoise)

Cover it tightly

Give it a good shake

Open it up, pour and allow to dry.

That’s it! We will share the many other things you can do with the Coloured salt in subsequent post!

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