Leaf Stamping

Leaf Stamping

You are sure to get a leaf in your house or just around your house. This was such a fun activity.

We went round to look for just the right leaf to pick. Fortunately we got one with seven tips(cassava leaf) and of course we had to paint it the rainbow colours (we just love rainbow)

Leaf Stamping is such an easy activity that is sure to engage all the senses of your Littles (except the sense of taste maybe😂).

You will need:
Some leaves
White paper (l used drawing paper but A4 _sheet should work fine)
Some paint (colours of your choice)

How to make it:

• Get out with your Littles (let them go by themselves if they are old enough) to pick some leaves

• Choose your favourite colours and paint the inner side of the leaves

• Paste the leaves on a white paper, painted side down

• Gently press for a good Stamping and wait few minutes for the paints to settle

• Remove the leaves to reveal the gorgeous outline of the leaves.



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