Lost And Found Review

Lost And Found Review

It’s always great to have that one friend that you can talk to about everything…

We don’t get to choose who are parents are, we don’t get to choose our siblings but one thing we have the opportunity to choose is our friends. Friendship is a unique relationship and at some point some friends become more than family !

Most people come into our lives to play different roles but those that stay and finally become friends are to be cherished.

‘Lost and found’ by @oliverjeffers is a hearty illustration of a boy who had an encounter with a penguin. The boy didn’t realise that the Penguin just needed a friend and not help to find it home until he lost the Penguin. However, when he realised he had lost a friend, he found a way to get his friend back.

The message here is, when you find these true friends, do the best you can to keep them. Our friends and family make our world!

Do you have any of such friends? Pick up the phone, give them a call and let them know how much you appreciate them!

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