Outdoor Play, It’s benefits and some activities to do with your Littles outdoors

Outdoor Play, It’s benefits and some activities to do with your Littles outdoors

When l was growing up, we didn’t have computers, smartphones, my parents didn’t own a television and the only time l got to watch television was when we visited a friend whose parents owned one and l never owned a toy.

As a little girl l always wished for my parents to buy me all the fancy toys and gadgets my friends had and sometimes l felt really sad that l didn’t have them. As a grown-up, l have come to realise that the greatest asset my parents gave me was a great childhood, filled with friends because l had no toys to play with, l played with my friends. I had no television to watch so l was glued to books, l played outdoors hours on end, l made my own version of ‘toys’ with things l found around the house, l got messy, l played in the rain, l made paper boats, the list is endless. Wow l had a great childhood!

Today, l have children of my own and l am in a position to buy them toys and we own a television 😅, but my desire is to pass on my childhood experiences with them because l learnt so much that nothing else could have taught me. In todays discussion, l will pick on just one of the experiences l had growing up and that is outdoor play. The benefits of outdoor play are so enormous for your Littles. Lets have a look at some simple activities you can do outdoors with your Littles.


  1. Play Catch or any sports your Littles may be interested in

When the opportunity of a good whether presents itself, take advantage and get your Littles outside. Even for us adults, sometimes all we need is a stroll around the house or some fresh air to feel better on those hard days. Getting your Littles outdoors helps them to;

  1. Kill some boredom as there is endless open ended opportunities for play
  2. Get the needed physical activity to destress
  3. Explore the environment and nature to satisfy their curious minds
  4. Use their creativity and imagination as they figure out how to play with whatever they find


  1. Messy Play in the rain

Making a mess is one thing l would like to avoid as much as possible because cleaning up is no fun. However, messy play is very important for the development of our Littles. It’s a great way for them to explore the world around them and use their imagination. It gives them a great sensory experience and allows them the freedom that inspires curiosity.

When it rains, get your Littles out for some messy play experience. You will be amazed at how much they will be engaged in making a mess. Let them splash in the puddles, pick up some mud, dance in the rain and when you are up for it, join in the fun and make memories.


  1. Watch the sunset or sunrise

Make some time and watch the sunrise or sunset with your Littles and let the appreciate nature, it will get them curious and get them questioning things…Like why does the sun rise in the morning and why does it set in the evening, what causes the clouds to form, what makes the sun burn and finding answers to these questions is what will develop their imagination and problem solving skills.


  1. Nature observation

Investigate things in the environment, observe a bird fly, study the colours of the butterflies, watch a snail eat, look for bugs,

there is just so much about nature to explore. As they do so, their curious minds become alert and they learn the ‘why’ of things and make connections, by this they are exercising their brains to look for solutions and answers.


  1. Nature colour hunt

Nothing is as beautiful as the colours of nature. If you have a little preschooler, this will be a great activity. Take him or her for a walk and ask him or her to point out any colour they see. You can even pick some of the items home as ‘souvenirs’ to keep.


Outdoors have so much to offer your Littles and for more outdoor activities for your Littles, follow @getpaged on Instagram and Facebook

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