Rainbow Spaghetti

Rainbow Spaghetti

We finally tried this Rainbow Spaghetti and it was a great sensory experience for Both Big Sissy and Little Sissy. It is totally taste safe and my girls at first thought l had served lunch.

There is so much you can do with this;

it can be used to teach your Littles to learn handling scissors by supervising then to cut the Spaghetti

You may hide things in it and ask them to treasure hunt them out.

You may use it to teach colours and colour recognition or you may just allow your Littles to have a great sensory and messy play experience as we did!

It is so simple to make, you will need some Spaghetti, food colours and some cooking oil

How to make it;
• Dilute some food colour in water and bring to a boil

• Add some small drops of oil and add the Spaghetti (the oil is to prevent the Spaghetti from sticking together after it has been cooked)

• Cook the Spaghetti according to package instructions

• Drain water, allow to cool and let your Littles have a go at it

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