Sealed Crustless Tuna Sandwich

Sealed Crustless Tuna Sandwich

Can you imagine how many types of sandwiches recipes you can find on the internet? Countless…. Sandwiches are your go to when you need a quick fix for breakfast, lunch, supper or even snacks for your littles
Today l share with you how you can make our sealed crustless tuna sandwich. You can make any type of sandwich using this technique. We love these because, they don’t make a lot of mess at mealtimes.

– 8 slices of any bread of your choice (we used butter bread)
– 1 tin of tuna flakes – 1 table spoon of mayonnaise (plus more if desired)
– Some chopped spring onions (with the green leaves)
– some chopped carrots – some thinly shredded lettuce – some black pepper and salt (if tuna is not salted)

How to make the sealed crustless sandwich:

1. In a mixing bowl, add the tuna, onions, carrot, the mayonnaise and some black pepper and salt (if desired)

2. Mix with a fork until well combined
3. On a clean surface, lay one bread slice and top it with some of the tuna mixture (be sure to leave enough space to allow for the moulding)

4. Lay another slice on it and press a round glass bowl (you may use a large drinking glass or even a small plastic bowl) whose circumference fit the area of the bread slice.

5. Press it all the way down and lift the glass bowl, if it is difficult to lift, use a knife to cut the excess around the glass bowl.

6. Serve with your favourite beverage or juice or just on their own.

Let us know how it goes when you try it. Have a lovely weekend and remember all the mixing is for your littles…. 🥰

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